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Charlie works

We are looking for a Logistics Employee for a large supermarket chain in Roosendaal. Read the vacancy for more information

What are you going to do?

As a Logistics Employee you are responsible for unpacking and / or sorting the goods that come in. You pack the products and prepare them for shipment, including for outgoing orders. Checking the quality of the incoming goods and checking the correct quantity is also part of your duties. You also ensure that the distribution center looks tidy and clean!

We provide people for 6 departments:

Order picking – picking products with the scanner on your wrist, you receive the trolley, termial is telling you how many pieces from which location you need to pick. After your order is finished you bring it to packing. Good if candidates have some experience with order picking, during the work you need walk a lot.

Sorting – you need to separate orders from the trolley to special closet with shells, to sepereta the orders for the customers. Here we need very energetic person, the work is not difficult but it needs to be done fast.

Packing – packing orders, you work with computer and scanner. You need to pack the products in begs or boxes and put them on the line next to you. Basic knowledge of using computer is necessary, also it’s a work which has to be done with some pace.

Shipping –mostly it will be lifting boxes from a slide to a pallet. It has to be stacked well on the pallet, and after that it has to be drove to a seal machine. The work is a lot of repeating of the same things. This job is usually the whole day the same. People pick up boxes and stack them on pallets.

The work is not hard to understand, so it is not necessary that the employee speaks English on a high level. It is important that an employee knows he has mostly to repeat the same work every day. It contains sometimes some heavy boxes, so some strength would be nice. Usually man’s do this job.
Not driving an EPT or ECE often, so a license for this is not needed.

Retouren – taking care of retourens from the clients. Deciding if the products can go back to the warehouse, we do throw them away, and can still sell for lower price. It is standing work, in one place. Working with the computer, scanner, it is necessary to have good English.

Stock control -checking if the actual “stock” in the same as the information in the system. Rearranging position of the products in the warehouse.

Who are you?

  • You work accurately and think solution-oriented.
  • Administratively you are strong.
  • You are stress-resistant, have a firm footing and are someone who thinks ahead and has a helicopter view.
  • You have extensive experience with the MS office package and experience with SAP is a plus.
  • You are flexible and have no problem with changing working hours or starting earlier than your colleagues in other departments.
  • You have a good command of the Dutch and English language, both orally and in writing.
  • What will you get?

  • Pension scheme
  • Travel allowance
  • Holiday pay 
  • Where will you work?

    The e-commerce distribution center of the supermarket chain is located in Roosendaal. The new company is responsible for the logistics services of the e-commerce activities. From here, non-food items are collected daily and sent to webshop customers throughout Western Europe.

    Does this vacancy appeal to you and do you feel like getting started as a Logistics Employee? Then apply now!

    * The minimum wage is based on the basic wage; the maximum wage includes ADV and allowances.

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